3rd Generation New Twinkle Tape RGB LED Strip Light with APP: Lighter, Thinner, Better

3rd Generation New Twinkle RGB Tape Light with app is a very special LED strip light and an outstanding innovation from Helian Electronics in China, which is another exciting, flexible and groundbreaking innovation in portable led lighting. There is an integrated light processor in it, which means you don't have to acquire a microcontroller, power supply, or connector yourself. However, you will simply need to plug in a standard USB battery pack, wall charger, car charger and you are ready to blink-blink over the place you need.


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Different length of Tape light 5M,10M,4M RGB,8M RGB

Tape light has different kinds of length like 5m (warm white),10m (Warm white) and 4m RGB ,8m RGB long can be used in many ways in your bedroom, living room, camping, party, underground construction, vehicles, hiking and so on. Included IP65 certification, you can also use this light hose outdoors or in damp rooms. This is very useful if you want to create a cozy atmosphere around your house or garden with a Plug.

RGB LED Strip Light

LED Tape Light with Scale Measure Functions

The new twinkle tape light is mainly composed of a turntable and a soft light strip. Due to the light and thin characteristics of the soft light strip, and the inch size scale is engraved on the soft light strip, it is similar to the tape measure, so it is named tape light.

New Twinkle outdoor led strip lights

Easy to store & carry; organized storage

New Twinkle Tape LED Strip Light is compact and can be stored in large quantities with ease. It is lightweight, providing ease of handling, making installation in challenging areas effortless.

 A professional appearance design that is clean and elegant, simple and stylish. It is more convenient to carry the light strip because of the rotating assembly. Installation is quick and easy by rolling out the length of the lighting and simply plugging into the existing electrical supply as any regular appliance would, with no external components whatsoever

New Twinkle led tape light

Solid, waterproof and dustproof:

New Twinkle led tape light has an IP65 protection grade. Do you want to use TAPE light for outdoor or indoor? Then make sure that the connection of the USB power supply with the LED strip is glued closed with the supplied glue. This is of course not necessary if you want to use the strip indoors or outdoors.

outdoor led tape light

Convenient Charge via USB

New Twinkle waterproof led strip lights has a very smart convenient charging system via lithium battery /power bank /laptop and so on. You can just simply plug on the notebook(laptop)whenever you need. There has never been a lighting system with the ability to maintain the same pace of the rapid technological evolution of man and the new dynamic environments created as man evolves.

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3rd Generation New Twinkle Tape RGB LED Strip Light with APP: Lighter, Thinner, Better

From the 1st generation of mini cat to 3rd new twinkle tape light, it's more lighter, thinner and better to suit the customers's needs.
We are with customer-centric principles. From the suggestion and feedback from market, we are striving to manufacture products to cater to the customers.

outdoor led strip for rv, camping, hiking, backpacking

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It's popular among rvers and outdoor enthusiast. And received positive feedback from YouTube parters with detailed review video to show the IP68 waterproof, fire-proof and  Indestructible features

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Helian Portable Mini Cat Outdoor Camping Light LED Strip-5M-Advanced Version